Check-in validation

How to enable the check-in validation

To allow check-ins of gym-goers that don’t have a direct membership at a studio, Magicline offers the possibility for aggregators to register a HTTP endpoint that is being called to validate so-called guest check-ins.

This HTTP endpoint is being called during a regular check-in at a studio and must reply synchronously if the affected gym-goer is allowed to enter the studio.

Find all details regarding on how to register the endpoint and all its details and prerequisites below here.


  • Join the Magicline Partner Program to start using Magicline Open API
  • The studio that you would like to interact with must have your integration activated
  • Receive one API key for every studio you integrate with

Check-in validation HTTP endpoint

Implement a check-in validation endpoint on your side

Implement a simple HTTP endpoint that is publicly available and only allows HTTPS (TLS 1.2 or higher). Magicline will call this endpoint for all studios that you have integrations with.

Every request from Magicline to this endpoint will send an additional HTTP header named X-API-Key, which contains a unique token for every studio you integrated with.

The endpoint must only accept POST and respond with HTTP status code 200 if a requested member is allowed to check-in. In case the requested member is not allowed to check-in respond with 403.

All requests from Magicline are sent with the request header Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8. The payload is sent via POST with the JSON in the body:

  "id": "<your-id>"

Register your check-in validation endpoint

Send your endpoint URL (e.g. to

Receive check-in events

After we registered your endpoint you will start receiving events. Validate API key with the one provided during the Magicline Open API integrations partner setup.