How to get started

The Magicline Partner Program

Magicline supports an ever-growing network of over 5,000 individual sports and fitness facilities and is the backbone of their business operations. The Magicline Partner Program was set up to enable partners to build on top of our infrastructure and to provide applications and services that benefit our shared customers.

To showcase your applications we have added an AppStore to the Magicline that is visible for all our customers.

We are happy you are here and are looking forward to seeing what we can build together!

Becoming a Magicline Partner

Joining the Magicline Partner Program requires the following steps:

Step 1: Analyse the current state of the Magicline Open API docs

Please have a look through the available endpoint definitions as well as the webhook events that have already been added. Also, keep in mind that we are continuously adding new functionality to the Magicline Open API.

Once you have analyzed the Open API please prepare your use case and share it with us while filling out the registration form.

Step 2: Fill Out the registration form (Typeform)

Magicline Partner Program Signup

Step 3: Develop and test your integration

Explore Open API with Postman. If you want to learn how to import data into Postman, please see this article.

If you have any questions regarding your work with the Open API reach out to us - we will figure out how to move forward.

Once you have built out your app or services we would love to see what you have created - for this we will schedule a short Demo of your solution with our PMs.

Step 4: Create marketing and support materials

To be presented in the Magicline AppStore you need to provide us with some Marketing materials. A detailed description and requirement will be shared with you once you have filled out the registration form and are in contact with our Integrations team.

Step 5: Sign contract and be featured on the Magicline AppStore

The last step of becoming a partner in the Magicline Partner Program is to sign the Partner Agreement. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions of using the Magicline Open API and being represented within the Magicline App Store. If applicable, this contract will also handle any and all commercial agreements between you and the Magicline.