Managing Activations

Explanation of how to manage activation requests coming from the Magicline Extension Store

Activation of Partner Integrations

Customers of the Magicline are able to activate and deactivate Partner Integrations via the internal Magicline Extensionstore. You will receive an activation/deactivation Email to the specific email address you have given us.

Activation Email

Everytime customers of the Magicline activate a Partner Integration via the internal Magicline Extension Store, you will receive an activation Email with the subject New Magicline Studio Activation to your specified email address.

This activation email contains the following body:

Studio data
Name                  MyStudio
Street, house number  Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, 44
ZIP, City             31710 Buchholz
Phone                 15059922111

Base url    

In the password protected attachment, you will find the relevant API Keys for this activation:

Open Api Token: 884c63c6-d42c-49cf-97f6-df438c23601d
Webhook Token: 45d71d45-79e0-4b13-af86-c914f59750fa

Enabling webhooks for an activation

If your integration has webhook access, then you need to activate webhook events via the activation endpoint /confirmActivation. Once you have posted a valid API Key to this endpoint, we will activate webhook events for this location.

Deactivation Email

Customers have the ability to not only activate integration but also to deactivate them. If a customer deactivates your integration, we will send a deactivation email with the same body as the activation email and subject Magicline Studio Deactivation to your specified email address.

Once deactivated, the API Keys you have been sent will loose their validity. If the customer decides to reactivate your integration, you will receive a new set of API keys.